Day trip to Rethymno 18.05.11 (3) (Small)

Ok, it can`t be ignored any longer, I cannot avoid talking about what`s happening to my lovely Greece.

Despite the humorous comment I overheard today at the ATM machine in town, the tension is evident, the worry is apparent, the disillusion tangible.

Despite the need to show we`re ok to outsiders, to tourists, the underlying problems being carried on the shoulders of every Greek, is weighty.

Despite our innate need to show hospitality, to show our true, generous colours to the country`s visitors, it`s taking it`s toll.

Despite the tourists whom are here, whom are shopping, appreciating, contributing, sympathising – it`s just not enough.

Small groups of worried Greeks, congregate around the kafenion tables, some deep in debates about the forces which brought the country to this point, others, silently seated, looking at the bare table before them.

Small businesses are floundering, struggling to purchase the necessary stock and equipment to satisfy the consumers.  The Greeks are not spending, afraid of tomorrow.

Bills are left under magnets on the fridge. Tax returns are left undeclared, till receipts, even more scarce than ever.

We`re in limbo.

It feels like we`re living on death row, with the jury still out and considering their verdict.

We need to know.  Are we heading for the electric chair? Or do we have a chance to live our lives again, smile, create, generate, contribute, hope.

To know, is to accept.  To accept, is the first step to recovery.  Are we terminally ill or can we recover?

Please, just get it over with, then we`ll know where we are!

Only then can we make a start on rebuilding this country, our lives.  Enough now.  We need to know.

PS  I speak as one of the Greeks, as I feel I am one of the them.  We are all Greeks.

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