Oregano galore!

It`ll soon be ready for harvesting!

Rigani (Small)

Apart from being a delightful addition to many Cretan foods, such as roast goat and lamb on the spit, sprinkled on village salads and feta cheese, roast chicken and pork, and numerous other Cretan delights, it also has medicinal uses.


For coughs: Leave 15 grams of oregano bloom to soak in 1 litre of boiling water for 10 minutes.  Drink 2 glasses a day to help with your cough or asthma.

Mild Stomach disorders: Boil one teaspoon of oregano bloom in 2.5 litres water for two minutes.  Strain.  Drink a glass of this water before meals to aid digestion and deter wind.


Rigani (2) (Small)