Today`s Musings

Gotta love my hubbie, whom plants way more courgette plants than we need, to combat this courgette torrent, I have accumulated a wealth of recipes to cater for this daily glut.  Latest is courgette croquettes/balls/keftethes. Κολοκυθοκεφτέδες.  See recipe category.  Still have plenty up my sleeve yet!

Weather`s been really strange this May, with hottest first week ever recorded.  A freak storm mid month rattled our house with thunder and lightening bolts, actually knocking some render off from under our balcony and cracking a tile in the bathroom.  We weren`t home fortunately, and returned to the whole of the balcony resembling a small swimming pool, as the drain was blocked with leaves (little were we expecting a torrential downpour). The dogs unsettled and soggy, and our nephew sitting in his car waiting for the storm to pass (he lives upstairs).

And the month continues to be odd, with overly hot days and today, a rather hazy, overcast day, but temps again too high in the early 30`s.

In the space of 20 days, the kerb sides became brown, with scarcely a glimpse of the lush green which reigned just a few days ago.  The sea went from too cold to even consider taking a dip, (just ask my niece Jenny), to “OMG, let me in the sea”, seemingly overnight.  Just another symptom of this dreaded climate change.  Popping to Gouves yesterday, I was relieved to still see plenty of snow on Psiloritis, Lefki Ori mountain range, I do wonder how long it`ll last with these temperatures though.

All our remaining late Spring crops came crumbling down, scorched with the high temperatures.  But on the other hand, tomatoes are taking on new heights daily, with an abundance of fruit, which I snaffle the minute it has ripened.  Grape vines are also flowing generously, with their promise of  this year`s crop hanging, tantalizing, reminding us there`s work to be done.  They need new shoots tying, runners removing where necessary.  Plus I have to gather vine leaves for brining to use for dolmathes (ντολμάδες) through the year.

Vags brought up the last of the beets.  My shoulders fell in despair, “not more beets” I bleated!  I have so many jars of beetroot chutney on the shelf already.  I used to love the Cretan prepped beet, served with raw garlic, olive oil and vinegar, but there is, I suspect, only a limited amount of beet one can eat, and I think I have reached that limit.

The last batch of beetroot chutney I made, I thought it`d be a good idea to spice it up and threw in a rather hefty pinch of dried chilli flakes……………..ptssssssssssssss!!!

Argh, slightly hot!  I have to say “slightly hot” as I try to cover my flushed face from Vagelis, whom, shakes his head in lack of understanding of my occasional need to eat all things hot and spicey!  I fear I may have ruined this batch of chutney, but for the time being, it languishes on my shelf with the label declaring HOT.

The greenhouse has been cleared out and will be left vacant for the Summer, being able to achieve temperatures suitable to fire a ceramic pot, despite three windows and the door left ajar!  This year, we`ll plant the Winter tomatoes earlier, then maybe we`ll enjoy some before they`re growing outdoors! It was only built in January actually, hence missing most of the Winter, but hey, can`t do everything.  I did say on an earlier post, we`re still learning!

So, I`ll call it a night and leave you with a Greek word I think, or actually two phrases.

παράξενος καιρός – (paraksenos cheros) strange weather

παράξενοι καιροί – (parakseni cheri ) strange times