Last Days of May

As this month and it`s strange weather comes to a close, there are several topics racing around in my head I`d like to filter through and put down on paper.  Nothing too unusual, in fact, pretty run of the mill and normal, but nonetheless, issues which nag at my conscience.

The weather, being more or less top of the list.  “Ohhhh no!” I hear you say, but despite my hesitancy to discuss something so mundane, I cannot help but be alarmed by the news reports of late.  What with hailstones the size of potatoes on main land Greece, torrential floods in Texas, whilst incredibly, people in India are enduring an extraordinary 50 degree centigrade torturous spell, with nigh on two thousand heat related deaths, unprecedented, record breaking temperatures in Japan, tornados in Mexico.  Apparently, there`s been yet another, very active day across Europe (28.05.15) – with nearly 96 000 lightning strikes detected, with one choosing to fall on unsuspecting Russian tourists enjoying Knossos, here in Crete.

We`ve always lived with occasional freakish weather conditions, but lately, an increase in frequency, severity and destructivity is continually pushing my opinion towards agreeing that the effects of global warming are here, we are living and experiencing them, now.

What to do, no one, easy answer, but just “our bit”.  So, I make a mental reminder to:

Be economical with power usage ie remove tv socket at night

Buy re-usable shopping bags

Use a fan not the AC unit

Walk wherever, whenever I can

Re-cycle, always

Change light bulbs for environmentally friendly

Re-use water bottles instead of buying new (these take up to 1000 years to degrade!)

Defrost my freezer regularly

There are numerous ways to help, it just should be all of us helping, check out this site for further ideas.