June Wore Purple!

Ahh, as the Summer takes a hold, it`s lovely to see the various blooms on the road side, leaving all the remaining foliage to fade away in the heat.

Spiney Globe Thistle (1)

Spiney Globe Thistle

Spiney Globe Thistle (2)

Spiney Globe Thistle

Thyme in Bloom

Thyme in bloom


Chaste, in abundance around my area.  This interesting plant, with an enchantingly light perfume is sometimes called Monk`s Pepper, due to it`s supposed ability to quell sexual desires in men, and it is reputed that monks used to chew on the berries in order to remain celibate.  It is said however, that it has the opposite effect on women, offering it`s aphrodisiacal properties to all ladies partaking in it`s berries or tinctures.

Used quite extensively for it`s medicinal qualities, and referred to regularly in Greek Mythology.

Arties Istron (4)

Blooming Arties!

Morning glory

Morning Glory in all it`s glory!

June Flowers (16) (Small)





Matthiola Tricuspidata

June Flowers (6) (Small)

Bitumen or Tar Plant, as the leaves smell like tar in hot sunshine

Thanks to Julia Jones for kind assistance.  See websites here, here or here.