Apple Jelly

Had a bag of small sweet apples handed to me.

Apple Jelly (1) (Small)

The fragrant smell of this apple jelly on hot toast in a morning sets your day off right.



2.5 k apples


Cinnamon Stick

Chunk of ginger

Lemon rind


As the apples were too small and fiddly to peel, I just took out most of the core and left the peel, cutting away any rotten bits.

Put the apples into a heavy based pan and cover with water, leaving at least 3 or 4 fingers above the level of the apples.  Add the ginger, cinnamon and lemon rind and bring to the boil, cover and lower the temperature to simmer for approximately 40 minutes, or till the apples pulp.  Help them along by mashing them a little if necessary.

Pour the juice and the pulp into a clean pillowcase and hang over a bowl to catch the juice.  Leave overnight.  Don`t squeeze the bag as your jelly will cloud.Apple Jelly (2) (Small)

Measure your juice the next day.  For each litre of juice allow 1/2 kilo of sugar.  Pour juice and sugar into your pan and bring to a rolling boil for about 15 minutes.  It shouldn`t take long to set.  Keep a plate or two in the freezer to check for the set periodically.  Store in sterilized jars.

Apple Jelly (3) (Small)