Our 12 Days of Christmas

“Let`s pick olives”

So, this innocent little sentence set the standard for this year`s holiday period

However, apart from harvesting over a metric ton of olives –

images (2)

We also savored, or maybe I should say laboured over:  A bad back.  A dicky knee.  A badly bruised finger.  Lost false teeth.  A lost olive flayer. Purchase of new olive flayer.

flayer (2) (Small)

Being consistently whacked on all extremities by said olive flayer.   A blistered toe.  Oodles of bickering on the savvy of olive net laying.  Bum sledging down the olive grove slopes. Picking thistles from said bums.  Wood chopping.  Fence raising.  Chipping a mountain of olive branches.

Chippings (Small)

More bickering, about just about anything.

Welcoming our new granddaughter.


Eating waaaaay too much.

images (1)

Eating waaaaay too much – again.


Sanding down the shutters and windows at home.  Making enough Christmas biscuits to feed an army. Making a Greek Christmas cake.  Making profiteroles.  Scaring away the sparrow hawk persistently dive bombing my bantam hens. Walking daily, three rather boisterous dogs.  A day off.  Giving a Greek language lesson.  Giving a “how to harvest olives” lesson.  Spending a long afternoon taking nephew to Heraklion Emergency department to plaster cast his broken foot.

broken foot (1) (Small)

Plucking and gutting 17 pigeons (don`t ask!).  Trying to hunt down 15 hen and 8 bantam nests, cause I ain`t seeing any eggs.  Actually having to BUY eggs!!!???  Rescuing a rogue hedgehog from the tormentors (the dogs).  Retrieving Furby from inside next door neighbours fence.  Chasing sheep from the orchard.images (4)Chasing our plastic garden chairs as the gale force wind took them down the terraces. Chasing and retrieving our wayward turkey (not destined for the Christmas table), and no, it wasn`t in a pear tree.

Should I go on…………

Removing daily, at least a washing up bowl full (ok, slight exaggeration here), of rogue olives from the kitchen and utility floor, sink plug hole, socks, pockets etc., and, last but by no means least – savoring the delights of insomnia (grrrrrrr).


9 thoughts on “Our 12 Days of Christmas”

  1. What a jolly post, laughing my socks off over lost false teeth! You don’t mention what happened to them!
    All in all, a very “Greek” twelve days of Christmas!
    Congratulations on your new granddaughter.

    1. Teeth located and in correct location now thank you! And yes, a very Greek twelve days of Christmas was had by all, very tiring, but very enjoyable. Thank you for your kind wishes. Hope you have a good 2016

  2. Oh dear! You’ve made it a humorous post, great for the reader. Not so much fun to live through. Congratulations on the baby and hope your nephew’s leg is on the mend.

    Up until now I’ve always hoped for an opportunity to participate in olive picking. Now I’m hoping that everyone I know with olives will have finished before we get back to Kritsa next week. X

    1. Despite being tough on the body and very tiring, it does give us a wonderful feeling of accomplishment in bringing home all that luscious olive oil. You should still hope for the opportunity to join in a harvest, and if you are lucky to join in a larger family`s harvest, it`s wonderful to see them all mucking in together. We were just the two of us, so it was tough.

  3. Love it !! You have experienced just about every emotion during the holiday period; doubt, affection, anxiety, euphoria, forgiveness, compassion and pleasure but best of all love and hope. What a full and varied life you lead.

    1. It was full of ups and downs, but overall, we all had a good time, and came away highly satisfied with this year`s harvest. Roll on our next project……not sure what it`ll be yet though! xx

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