Buck in Truck

On visiting some old friends of ours in Kalo Horio, we were disquieted to find a dozen or so neighbours milling around their front door.  Immediately, our minds leapt to the worst possible scenario, so, earnestly approaching the small crowd to see what was going on, we were more than surprised to see one or two of them apparently trying to “break in” to our friend`s truck!

The reason? – a rabbit in a sack.  Mid way between a buck for buck exchange (exchange of male rabbits to avoid interbreeding) the unfortunate rabbit had somehow been locked in the truck, in a sack, with the key still in the ignition.

Ingenuity and persistence in their attempts to open the locked truck, were all proving to be in vain. Wires, plastic tape, screw drivers, pocket knives all menaced the defiant truck door, somebody was even wielding a crow bar.  We stood by, observing their efforts.  As it became quite a village saga, with more and more people coming out to join the throng, I swear one or two village wives were hovering with emergency karafakia of raki, which undoubtedly, would augment the affair enormously.

Three quarters of an hour later, in a flash of genius, Vagelis took out his keys and unlocked the troublesome truck door with our motorbike key!

The crowd, somewhat deflated, dispersed quietly, clutching their various tools.

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    1. I`d be happy to oblige, but suspect my sister`ll be first in line. Lovely phrase though, “weave into a story”

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