Orange Marmalade Without Peel

Getting a Grip on the Glut, Part 1

Orange Jam (2) (Small)


10 large oranges



Place a plate in the freezer to cool for the set test.  Peel the oranges, making sure you remove as much pith as you are able.  
Orange Jam (8) (Small)


Pop them whole into a large heavy based pan and add half a cup of water.  Cover and boil till they mash easily with a fork.

Push the flesh and juice from the boiling through a sieve, using the edge of a spoon to help it go through.  Scrape the flesh till all the juice has passed through the sieve, leaving the pips and fibres, which you discard.

Orange Jam (7) (Small)

Measure the juice in cup fulls and add the same number of cup fulls of sugar to the pan.  Bring to the boil, stirring until the sugar has dissolved, turn the heat down and simmer till the marmalade thickens.  Test for a set on the cold plate, removing the pan from the heat each time you test.  Keep simmering if required.

Jar up into hot sterilized jars and label.

Orange Marmalade (1) (Small)