Looming `eck! Part 1 (Αργαλειό)


Cretan Loom (5) (Small)


Cretan Loom (6) (Small)

errrrm ?? !!

Cretan Loom (8) (Small)

aaah ha !

Cretan Loom (9) (Small)


Cretan Loom (Small)

errr…. HELP! – now what??

I finally decided the carefully packaged, pertinent parts of this almost forgotten craft, should be dusted off and shown the light of day, and given the chance to rule once more, the realm of the industrious Cretan housewife, (ok…….my household then).

We acquired the disassembled loom from a family household in Kritsa, discarded, no longer required in this mechanical, “off the shelf” world we now live in.

I eagerly gave it a home.  The smaller, important parts, carefully wrapped in an enormous sheet.

Time always being an issue, it remained wrapped and stored in our storeroom for nigh on 10 years.  Till one day, it popped into my line of sight and in it`s own way, demanded my attention.

After deciding where it would reside, the help of the power washer was enlisted.  Diligently blasted by Vags, we washed away the grime of it`s lifetime.

I carefully brushed on worm killer, lest it be infested, then assembled it, using visual logic alone, as there appears to be no photographic assistance on line for the Cretan traditional loom.  Some scant written instructions, which only assist if you`re familiar with the names of the seemingly endless parts which make up this wooden pillar of the age-old Cretan households.

So now, I`m interrogating my old Cretan housewife friends, in the hope, that one, experienced in the craft of weaving, will come to my aid and identify any missing parts, and scrutinize the loom for other problems, and indeed, show me how to weave.

I dearly hope, there will be parts 2, 3, 4 or more, to come!

4 thoughts on “Looming `eck! Part 1 (Αργαλειό)”

  1. Ok then, Agios Nikolaos? on our way to Krassi, I was taught how to weave there, there were shops with argalia, if Kritsa fails your expectations 🙂

    1. Definitely got my work cut out for me finding someone willing to come my house though. There`re bits missing from the loom, plus it needs to be balanced x

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