Looming `eck – Update

A friend recommended Penelope Ghandi, as a source of information on the traditional Cretan loom.  I`ve had the time to investigate a little on line, and she basically presented interviews of various traditional Cretan weavers, from all four prefectures of Crete, hearing their version of how they learnt the craft, how they lived from the craft, showing some of their works, with only a handful of the younger generation having any knowledge on the subject.  

There was a nice interview with a gentleman whom had learnt to weave in his younger years, and admitted that the other villagers thought it quite strange that a man should be interested in what appears to be, normally, a lady`s craft.  

On line, it showed only glimpses of the craft itself in action. The purpose of the movement was to encourage people to take up the craft of weaving once more, as it is in danger of fading into oblivion.

I have, however located a lady acquaintance in Kritsa, whom is 86 years old (!), still running her tourist shop, with a loom set up in the back, but covered with all her wares, so I was unable to take photographs for reference.

She is willing to come to my house, to offer instruction. But, she asks that I wait till the end of the season!  When I implied that I would pay her for her time, she insisted that her instruction would be given free, as her daughter(s) and granddaughter(s) have shown no interest whatsoever in carrying on this Cretan tradition.  When I asked her if she would have a problem getting into our truck so I could drive her down to my house, she laughed and said she`d get on a donkey if necessary to come to my house.

In the meantime, I found another loom set up complete, in the museum in the essential oils factory, Bio Aroma, Agios Nikolaos, where I was able to take a few photographs and find out which bits are missing on mine.  Now I can find a carpenter to fill in these missing parts so I`ll be ready!

Question is – can I wait that long??

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  1. Can’t wait to see the fruits of your loom once you get the relevant parts you need and yarn to make your cloth, good luck with it looming happy I expect you will be when you get going. lol take care love Liz xx

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