Losing Control


We had an unexpected visit from FIL (father in law) for a couple of nights.  It`s always interesting having him here as I usually take the opportunity to ferret out some little snippet of a story from his past, quite often, snippets that even Vags hasn`t heard before.  There is however, a bit of a bother with his visits. 

Whilst control over the TV remote usually falls into my capable hands due to my supreme ability to select the perfect film and dodge too many advertisment breaks by channel hopping, I realised too late that leaving the remote unattended on the living room table was in fact a dangerous thing to do.  Before I could rectify the situation FIL`s hand reached over and took control!  Dutiful respect for our overnight visitor ruled out any chance of taking it back, so I pulled my knitting bundle up close and hoped for the best.

Now Vags is a great one for watching continual news broadcasts until I sensibly intervene.  However, almost three hours into yet another helping of ever depressing news about even more problems and even deeper crisis in Greece,  I could see even he was begining to fidget in his seat, throwing sideways glances at FIL, whom continued to grip the control determinedly in his hand.

Gentle suggestions to change the channel so we could watch our favourite CSI serial were expertly rebuffed with “But it`s foreign!”, or “What a load of codswallop” or words to that affect in Greek.  The tension on my knitting was becoming overly tight.

Particularly impressive though, is that it appeared that FIL, although unable to prevent his jaw muscles from relaxing, thus allowing his bottom jaw to sag open as he dozed through his choice of programme, was able to control the muscles in his hand, fingers with whitened knuckles maintained their grip on the remote. 

Our only savior was to wait for the inevetable toilet break, which, caught in a dilemma between taking the remote with him to maintain his jurisdiction, or reliquish control to his hosts, had him wavering with uncertainty on the edge of his seat. 

Lesson learnt for future visits from FIL.