Did The Earth Move For You Dear?


Sometimes they`re enormous and you can`t imagine you can handle the strength.  Some you don`t hear coming, taking you by surprise from behind. Some just sneak up beneath you and rattle your bones, disappearing in an instant. Other`s intentions can be heard charging towards you at a thousand miles an hour, only to slip deliciously away, leaving you gasping. Others, just rock your world.  A few rattle the very foundations of your life, some just nudge it with a creak. The naughty ones jerk you around in your bed.  A few last for an eternity, some rise in climax, occasionally with multi epicentres, others, are weak knee-ed and feeble.  The approach of a number is betrayed by instinctive animal reaction.  Occasionally, they make your hair stand on end, some make your tummy lurch, one or two provoke irrationality.

Whatever the type, they all come in different sizes, strengths and packages, each one individual and unique.

Wouldn`t it be interesting if relationships were more like earthquakes?