Departure Lounges


Nowhere is our dependence on electronic devices more evident than in airport departure lounges.  

Recently enjoying a brief trip to the UK, where I left an embarrasing, Canada sized carbon footprint in the wake of my six-flight-all-round-trip, I spent quite a lot of time hanging around in airport departure lounges. 

People-watching being a favourite pastime, I descretely watched my dependent fellow passengers in various stages of electronic device abuse.  The fact that I deemed it necessary to people-watch descretely, was in fact a waste of time, so utter was their concentration and absorption in their pastime, they had neither the faintest clue they were being observed, nor did they care two hoots.  I could feel my brain cells simmering slowly in a cauldron of gigabyte sized radio waves.

Admiring the ability of a 50ish year old gentleman to slump on the floor, back against a wall, where a single precious socket offered him unrestricted battery supply, (or at least for the duration of the three hour wait, during which he moved not one inch), his energy gobling device seemingly completing his existence.  At the other side of the lounge, five or six strained faces hovered nervously, a stride away from the Battery Recharge Station, where attached devices were inspected repeatedly, indecision wavering on their faces on seeing just 35% charge – “do I pull and run and get my next fix, or leave for a fuller charge?”

Musing this impatient behaviour quietly, I imagined how fine it would be to have a Battery Recharge Station for the exhausted human being, where you could just pop over and push a finger into a socket and refuel sagging energy levels.  

On the return journey and quite obviously several thousand brain cells lighter, I wondered if I could afford to lose many more whilst hanging around in departure lounges.  Perhaps I should just bite the bullet and invest in a stupid smart phone and frizzle my flailing brain with round the clock radio waves like the rest of the world. 

Obviously, it`s the tedium of flight travel, or more to the point, hanging around in departure lounges and it`s mind numbing effect, which drives us to immerse ourselves in electronic devices.

It`s time these scientists came up with time travel which could enable us to snooze a long haul journey away, in an induced haze, snug as a bug in a capsule.

Alas, travel is still just that.  Travel.

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