Aubergine Salad (μελιτζανοσαλάτα)


5 large firm aubergines (bulbous)

1 large onion

Bunch parsley finely chopped

1 tablespoon mayonnaise

Splash of olive oil

Little lemon juice

S & P


Prick aubergines and bake till flesh gives slightly when squeezed.  Once cooled, remove flesh and discard the skins. Discard any seedy sections too.

Mash the aubergine flesh in a pestle and mortar till creamy.  Chop the onion very finely, add to the aubergine, along with the chopped parsley, S & P, mayo, olive oil and lemon juice.  It`s ready to serve.

Variations:  Add or replace with, any or all of the following: yogurt, broken walnuts, garlic, vinegar.