Big Dog Cooling Pool for my Babe Demmi!

As he gets older he seems to struggle more with the heat in the Summer.  He does have a rather thick coat though, which we`ve trimmed, retrimmed and trimmed again, resulting in my poor babe resembling a shorn sheep.

Been hunting for a while for a suitable solution, ended up with a quick DIY project, nice and easy if you have a large dog in the same boat.  You may find you have most of the materials around your house or garden.


4 planks of wood,  approx. 20 cm wide, approx 3 or 4 cm thick, (length dependent on how big you want the pool)

Screws and corner brackets to brace four corners

Durable plastic sheeting

Any old cardboard boxing for inner lining


Placing the planks lengthwise, upright, create a box shaped frame.  Secure the corners with brackets and screws.

Frame dog cooling pool (3) (Small)


Place the frame on a flat, solid surface, line inside the base with cardboard.  Finish off with the plastic lining, fill with cool water and you`re done.

D`s swimming pool! (Small)


He looks a bit unsure!  It`s just enough to cool his under carriage down!

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