Carob Creations – The Syrup


It appears I have nothing to blame for my unacceptable absence, other than sheer time (or should I say, lack of it).  But acknowledging that the Summer has finally packed it`s bags and moved on, seems to have provided me with some precious time, despite the reduced daylight hours.

This year, I was a little disappointed that I managed to make only one batch of carob syrup, time just seemed to be against me.  September, being the ideal month, whizzed past in a dizzying haze.

Anyway, on an October visit to Bio Aroma in Agios Nikolaos, I instantly recognised the ambrosial aroma of carob syrup in the making!  Unfortunately, they couldn`t let me enter their factory to view the procedure and get my dose of that heavenly smell.

Back home, motivated, I snaffled two sacks of carobs Vags had carefully harvested and stashed away for use with his animals and set about making a bumper batch of my favourite syrup.

Ah!  so love this stuff and the aroma lingers in the air for ages.

Tonight (Friday), with the smell of wood smoke on my clothes and in my hair, its 6.00 pm and I`m patiently waiting for the syrup to reduce sufficiently on the bbq fire, so that I can then bring it into the house and complete the reduction on the oven hot plate.  This way, I get the best of both worlds, the syrup obtains that superb smokey flavour and indoors, I can keep an eye on the procedure up close and not risk over reducing it.  You can check out the full procedure here.

Check out the recipes, titled Carob Creations, which use both the syrup and the flour, give them a try and let me know your thoughts!