Cretan Observations !

If you can`t fix it with tie wire or silicone, then it can`t be fixed

It`s perfectly normal to shepherd your flock from a great big, bad ass pick up truck, with smoked glass windows

It`s also perfectly normal to shoot your goat down from the mountain top

It`s also normal to scare your chicken into laying eggs, by threatening it with the carving knife

It`s normal to howl at the full moon

It`s normal to make no plans whatsoever for Christmas day

It`s normal to do all of your Christmas gift shopping on Christmas eve

Despite being more than one way of skinning a cat, there is only one way to skin a rabbit

Fact:  We have mobile phones and land lines, so the phone companies can ring us continuously, trying to sell us, even better, even bigger, phone packets

You don`t have to be a cat to be a good ratter

My husband can draw his pension, and I can be unemployed for the full year, and we can still end up owing money to the tax office

I never appreciated the effects of gravity.  Waking in the morning to a wrinkly face, by about midday,  I`d be wondering where they`d gone to, till I looked at my knees

My husband sees one of his given duties in life, is to make dirty or untidy, whatever I happened to have made clean or tidy

Crete produces enough food to feed Greece whole, and probably one or two of its neighbours too

The more I age, the more I yearn healthy food!!??