For those that love and live Crete. For those that love and live In Crete. For those that have lived and loved In Crete, I dedicate this, my blog, a mixed bag, depicting my life here, with experiences, mostly good, sometimes humorous, traditional Cretan recipes, home produce management and so much more.

Perhaps consider this rough guideline to living life to the fullest here in Crete (or anywhere else in the world)!


F – Friends, make friends with the Cretans, it`s worth it

O – Olive oil, eat, cook, preserve with it, learn what else you could do with it….

R – Reciprocate the kindness showed by the Cretans

T – Tolerate the difficulties often experienced in public services ie IKA, tax office

Y – Yell!  In every ravine and gorge (unless prohibited of course)


N – Never refuse an invitation to a raki distillery session

I – Integrate, don`t be afraid, the Cretans don`t bite – normally!

N – Nap in an afternoon!  Allows you to lengthen your days!

E – Encourage your partner to speak Greek (quite often, only one will make the effort)


S – Speak Greek, no matter how little, you`ll be loved for it

T – Try new Cretan foods, no matter how strange they may seem

E – Endorse Cretan products

P – Pine forests.  Make sure you visit one, sit down under a pine tree and just observe

S – Swim.  Whenever possible and at every new beach you discover

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  1. My new year resolution is to print off lots of your lovely recipes when I have finished struggling with setting up this awful business page on Facebook for the Nice apartment rentals. The beetroot one alone makes me salivate! Nice pictures Amanda!

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