BBQ Cretan Style

When you`re prepping your meat for the BBQ, whether it`s pork, chicken, lamb or goat, marinate in the following:

A good sized handful of oregano

Salt & Pepper

Splash a generous amount of vinegar over, move the meat around with your hands, ensuring all surfaces are coated and leave for at least an hour preferably 4/6 hours.  Cook on the BBQ as normal.

When you`re prepping your goat or lamb (1/2 or whole) to cook on the spit!

Mix in a plastic bowl Fytini (ΦΥΤΙΝΗ) cooking butter, oregano, lemon juice and S & P to make a thick paste.  Prepare a tickling stick from either a long handled fork or strong piece of wood, (or a brand new paint brush fastened to a long stick) wrapping a wad of cotton wool around the end, securing in place with strong thread.  Use this to dip into the butter mixture and daub onto the meat as it`s cooking.

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