Marrow (Courgette) Preserve

Marrow (Courgette) Preserve

new 565 (Small)

A marrow is simply an extra large courgette!


1 kilo peeled, finely diced marrow (seeds removed)

1 pint water

1 kilo sugar

60 gr bruised root ginger

Juice and grated rind of 1 lemon

30 gr preserved ginger, diced, in syrup

Boil sugar and water together to make a syrup.  Add the root ginger, grated lemon rind and juice.  Add the chopped marrow and boil till the marrow becomes clear and is tender.

new 564 (Small)

Add the diced preserved ginger and approx. 2 tbsps of its syrup.  Boil rapidly until the syrup sets.  Test on cold plate from the freezer.

Jar up hot, and cap.

This is superb served on Greek yogurt!

Ok, preserved ginger is a little hard to come by here. Ginger, we can find however.  I will upload a recipe for making your own preserved ginger at some point.  In the meantime, the preserve can be made without it, but it does add a lovely tang, so you may want to put out an SOS to your folks back in the UK to send you some!


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