Olive Paste

So simple to make and you can adjust to your tastes. Serve with crusty or crispy bread and a plate of chopped ripe tomatoes. Zap 1/2 kilo preferably large olives (ready to eat) de-stoned, in the blender till it becomes a paste. Remove from the blender into a bowl, season with any of the following, mixing well:

Oregano rubbed

Pepper ground

Balsamic vinegar

Garlic crushed

Hot chilli ground

Thyme rubbed

Parsley chopped fine

Capers chopped fine

Lemon juice

Anchovies (de-salted for 15 mins in water)

Pop into an air tight jar and pour over the surface a tadge of olive oil and cap. Leave overnight for the flavours to permeate. Store in the fridge after opening.

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