Preserving Vine Leaves

Great if you have a good supply, allowing you to have dolmathes throughout the year.

Pick the freshest, most tender grape vine leaves, making sure they haven`t been sprayed.

First Method – This one requires a wide jar. Wash leaves under a running tap.  Prepare a brine, using 100 gr salt to 1 litre water.  Take approx. 6/8 vine leaves and stack them together, roll them, as if you were rolling a cigar, tightly, starting at the pointed end first.  Lay as many cigars in the jar, so as to comfortably allow enough room for a stone to be placed on the top of the vines, to stop them from unravelling.  Pour in the brine, cap tightly.  On use, rinse, blanch for a few seconds, and use as you would fresh vine leaves.

Second Method – Blanch the fresh leaves for a few seconds and strain well.  Select the amount of fresh vine leaves you would require per serving and stack them in a pile, slide into a plastic bag and tie off.  Bag all leaves in this manner, stacking all of the bags into a large tupperware, or other plastic container (eg ice cream container) and freeze. You can remove one or more packets as you need.  To avoid the packets being bumped around and the leaves potentially damaged in the freezer, pack the gaps in the container with newspaper.

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