Stuffed Courgette Flowers (ανθούς)

The filling is the same as the one used for stuffed vine leaves, (dolmathes) so prep of the flowers is covered here.

Picked very early in the morning, to ensure they are fully opened, pop them inside each other to prevent them from closing.  You can harvest over a couple of days to make up numbers, also pumpkin flowers are suitable, just pop into the fridge in an open tupperware or similar.

Courgette flowers (1) (Small)

Nip off the whiskers around the base of the flower, and if you have slender fingers, nip out the pistil (yellow section inside the flower), otherwise use a sharp knife.  They`re ready for filling, make a parcel, folding over each pointed section of the petal.  Same procedure as with the vine leaves, tuck them in to the pan reasonably tightly, place a plate over the top, add water to just cover, a little olive oil and simmer gently for approx. 20/25 mins.  Serve with lemon juice, hot or cold.

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