Courgettes Stuffed / Egg and Lemon Sauce

This one`s a little fiddly, but another good one for a tasty meal.

Stuffed Courgettes

1 1/2 kilos courgettes (chose similar sized)

400 gr minced beef

1/2 cup rice rinsed

1/2 cup grated cheese (kefalotiri)

1 tomato grated

1 onion grated or diced fine

Generous bunch parsley chopped fine

Generous bunch mint chopped fine

S & P

Olive oil

Wash, top and tail the courgettes.  Take a long, thin bladed knife, insert the point into the end of the courgette, gently turning and pushing the knife into the courgette, turning as if you were corking a bottle of wine.  Turn the courgette over and repeat from the other end.  Empty the contents, leaving enough flesh to hold the skin firm.  Rinse under the tap to remove any debris.

Mix the ingredients well in a bowl including S & P, using your hands to get a good mix.  Using your fingers, push the filling gently into the hollow courgettes till filled.  Lay the stuffed courgettes in a pan, pour over water to not quite cover, sprinkle over olive oil, S & P and bring to the boil.  Remove any scum forming on the surface of the water, reduce heat slightly and leave to cook for approx. 30/45 mins depending on the size of the courgettes.

Egg and Lemon Sauce

1 large egg

Juice from 1 large lemon

Beat a large egg in a bowl.  Pour in the lemon juice slowly, whisking with a fork constantly. Remove the pan with the courgettes from the heat and spoon out 6/7 spoonfuls of the juice from the pan into the egg and lemon mix, stirring constantly.  This is done to raise the temperature of the mix and avoid the egg becoming omelette.  Then with the pan still off the heat, pour the mixture over the courgettes in the pan.  Shake the pan gently so the sauce mixes in with the cooking juices, return to the heat and leave for 5 mins or so to cook the egg.  Serve with chips or alone with dakos ντάκος.


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