Supporting Tomato Plants

Tomato plants are now in need of support.  We tried every logical way of providing the correct support for them, none seemed too successful.  In the end we resorted to constructing a frame work from cane on either side of the row of plants, which allowed the vines to rest over the horizontal canes leaving the fruit hanging nicely.  Real easy to arrange and lay the plant branches over the canes as they grow, even easier to harvest, and no damaging string tying the plant stems.

First we had to visit the local riverbed to harvest the canes.

Cutting Cane (Small)

Cutting Cane (1) (Small)






With temps in early 30`s and working up an appetite, next port of call, Maria`s Cantina Karavostasio in Istro.

Maria`s Cantina Istro (3) (Small)


Best souvlaki, chips and Greek salad in East Crete

Then home to prepare the cane for the tomato plants.

new 506 (Small)

Further photos as they grow.  Job well done.


new 504 (Small)

Toms (2) (Small)


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