Dried Must Jellies

Dried Must Jellies (Small)

Reserving a large portion of the prepared grape must jelly with flour, pour into a baking dish, allow to set.  Don`t sprinkle with cinnamon or nuts.

Grape Must jelly (11) (Small)

Pop into the oven for an hour or so at approximately 75 degrees.  When you are sure there is quite a thick skin on the jelly, turn your baking dish upside down onto a piece of greaseproof paper, help the jelly to slip out of the dish.

It could still be quite sticky underneath, so pop back into the oven as before and allow the jelly to form a skin.

Once you are happy that it has stabilized, cut into chunks and gently push a piece of walnut into each chunk of jelly.

Leave the chunks covered with netting to dry further naturally.  I left mine for approximately 5 or 6 days, but it depends on the temperature of where you leave them to dry.  If there is strong sunshine, you can pop them outside for a couple of hours which will help them to dry, covered, of course, with netting.

If you prefer, you can leave to dry completely naturally, for as many days as required for the jelly to form a skin.  I just speeded up the process a little with a gentle “bake” in the oven.


The longer you leave them visible (supposedly to dry), the more the number of chunks shrink!  I just can`t help “testing” one or two each time I “check” them!!

Store them (if you get the chance, that is), in a tupperware box lined with greaseproof paper.