In the meantime………

We appear to be missing one of our babies…..our pretty little bantam hen

Bantam Hen
Bantam Hen

Shunning the other bantams, including a rather handsome cock, she packed her little suitcase and moved down with the normal chickens, perhaps finding peace and quiet, enjoying her “maleless” existence, she laid, then brooded on a dozen eggs, which I happened to find, and managed to swap for fertilized eggs.  Next day she was up and about and her little nest was empty of eggs.  Not sure what cleared them out, but I`ve caught sight of a pine marten down in the river bed over the Winter. Anyway, today I see she`s missing again.  Bantams, being masters of keeping out of sight, I`m hoping she`s tucked into an overgrown corner somewhere, and hasn`t actually been eaten by something!  Time will tell.

Two days later, still no sign.  I wonder how long it`ll take her to understand her eggs aren`t fertilized.

And 10 days later, still no sign.

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