Our Partridges

We were lucky to have the opportunity to raise a few partridges here at Kanakary.  A difficult bird, sensitive to sickness, but beautiful, both in appearance and in voice.  To hear the male calling in the morning and late evening lifted your spirits, but at the same time, reminded us that these birds are not domesticated, and should remain in the wild.  Despite the heartache we suffered raising these birds, we took great pleasure today in handing a small number to the local Forestry Commission in Neapoli, in readiness for release into the wild, to a specially protected area.  Hunters, pine martens and domestic cats, all enemies of this bird, including lack of suitable habitats, have been the main reasons this bird is under threat of disappearing here in Crete.  The Forestry Commission instigated a programme to re-introduce this bird into the Cretan countryside, recently releasing 700.

Chukar .Alectoris chukar is the species.

Partridges (1) (Small)

Partridges (Small)Partridges (4) (Small)Partridges (3) (Small)Partridges (2) (Small)

Hope they have a nice life!

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