Fettered Heart


She sings her song on winding paths

Where goat and sheep traipse honeycomb tracks

She sings her song on mountain peaks

Where keen winds gust their scathing breeze

In canyon depths, where no man walks

On sun rays sheen on aqua seas

Where diamonds shine, the eyes to please

She sings her song to Cretans present

The timeworn faces of rustic peasants

To languid hillsides, herbage scented

Where carobs flourish and wars are vented

She sings her song to distant churches

Where tolling bells call believer crowds

To the smallest mammals beneath the brush

To vultures airborne amongst the clouds

I find that Crete sings alike, her song

To castaway rubbish and careless scrap

Yielding freely, a Cretan heart

To unseen piles of abandoned crap

She absorbs poor deeds of her offspring

Mothering and this, like it were kin

The song she sings, it grips my heart

With long warm fingers, to embrace my core

My belly lurches and breath is short

Granting homage, as I view this lore

Oh bewitching Crete, with my heart caught

Release me from these unseen chains

I`m not your child and me, this pains

Oh how I wish for a different truth

Alas, my fate is fore arranged

My fettered spirit, this isle will slay

Claiming mortal parts and soul sublime

To consume me whole, where there I lay                                                                                                                                               by jabey