Grape Must Jelly with Flour (Μουσταλευριά)

Grape Must jelly (1) (Small)

Quite a different result from the jelly made with semolina, with an extra option to dry this one and preserve in the form of bite sized chunks! See here


6 glasses cleaned must – See how here

1 glass flour

Crushed walnuts and sesame seeds

2 Cinnamon sticks and ground cinnamon

Sprig of scented pelargonium (optional)


Pour 5 glasses of the must into a pan and add the sticks of cinnamon, pelargonium if you are using it, and heat gently.

Grape Must jelly (5) (Small)

Grape Must jelly (6) (Small)

Stir the flour into the 6th glass of must, mixing well.  Just before the must begins to boil, pour the flour and must paste through a sieve, into the pan, stirring constantly with a wooden spoon.   Lower the heat to a very gentle simmer and continue stirring, it`ll catch easy so make sure your heat is not fierce.  Grape Must jelly (7) (Small)

Continue to simmer and stir for as long as it requires to thicken.  It could take up to half an hour.  Placing a teaspoonful onto a cold plate, you should be able to drag a path with your finger through the mixture, without it closing.

Once you are satisfied with the thickness, pull off the heat and stir in sesame seeds and walnut chunks, pour into individual dishes and sprinkle liberally with ground cinnamon and more walnuts.


You can reserve a portion of the mixture for drying as a sweet, bite sized chunk.