Greece is still fine, Greece is still paradise, Greece Still has food and YES, there`s money in the ATMs.

Crete is even finer, Crete is even more paradise, Crete has even more food, not sure about the “even more money” in the ATMs” bit, but YES, money is there, for sure.

Don`t listen to those whom want you to abandon us, smudge our image, kick us whilst we are down.

Don`t listen to the scare mongering in the Press.

Come visit the Greece you know and love.  We need your support.

One thought on “Greece”

  1. Such a nice feeling reading this post. I accidently found your blog. As I was searching around your Cretan receipes I read this post. My name is Clio, I live in Heraklion, Crete and I operate an e-shop for eclectic Cretan goods I’ll be glad if you take a look at our products. …Yes!!! Crete and Greece are still a paradise to visit amidst the economic crisis!

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