Regarding Negative Comments About Greece:

It`s continually being brought to our attention of late here in Greece, that various tour operators, specifically in Europe, are issuing inaccuracies (lies), misinformation (stupidity), to potential vacationists to our lovely Greece.

Tour operators will always hedge their bets and avoid countries with problems, such as the problems Greece is facing now.

WHY? Whilst most people would consider this an unfair reaction and indeed, contrary to the concerns and desires to support their fellow human in their time of need.  But then, most people leave out of the equation, the role capitalism plays.  ie. the need of every business being foremost, to make profit, regardless of the consequences.

Bearing this fact in mind, in the event that things should go “pear-shaped”, tour operators would then be landed with the cost of “rescuing” a few thousand tourists found in the floundering country.

Along with these “bad guys” I confess I also hold more than slight umbrage for the larger, “all-inclusive” hotel chains, given that they hold vacationists unconditionally within their four walls, procuring every possible desire, every possible demand, thus ensuring the continuing allegiance from the holiday maker.

Working in a small, local village taverna, I was astounded by the conversation I had with a lovely family whom were staying in a renowned hotel in Agios Nikolaos, but had “fearlessly ventured out into the wild” (tongue in cheek). Upon arriving at the taverna, which incidentally, was empty, they stood awkwardly to one side and awaited my instructions as to which table they should choose.  When I insisted they could in fact choose whichever table they desired, the gentleman confessed he was so used to being ushered to the “correct” table for him and his family in the hotel restaurant, that he`d almost expected the same treatment here in the village taverna!

Of course, this monopoly maintained by the big chains is hammering the final nail into the coffin of every small, family, traditional business in Greece.

 What`s the answer?  DIY!

Avoid tour operators, use the internet.  Book your flights with the air companies and accommodation on-line.  Most self catering accommodation and rent rooms have some form of information on-line.

If you`re a repeat traveller to Greece, for sure you`ll have some apartment contact information, or friends whom can book direct with the establishments on your behalf.

It`s time the vacationist re-discovered himself.  It`s time he took his holiday experience back into his own hands.

To go on holiday shouldn`t mean to be herded like cattle into large, impersonal hotel restaurants, having their table chosen for them, the menus decided for them, which time to eat, dictated to them.  Isn`t this form of tourism for the witless, feebleminded?  Surely, the majority of vacationists couldn`t fall into this category………..could they?

Come adventure, discover, unearth the treasures this country offers so generously, so open-handedly.

You won`t be disappointed.


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