Knitting Nights

Seeing as the unusually cold, wet, wintry days had us housebound for several weeks, I was determined to remain occupied on an evening.  I raked my wool stash from my bottom drawer and created a half dozen or so beanie hats.  Now well and truly infected by the notoriously serious “knit fever”, I decided it was prudent to buy more supplies and create a jumper for my new, “fuller” figure, (of which I`m still trying to come to terms with). Selecting the design and size, I happily set about and knitted the first piece.  Having had quite a few years since I`ve put together any type of any clothing, perhaps my eye wasn`t as keen as of old.  I was quite astonished upon casting the last row off, to see that the piece (the back of said “fuller” figure jumper) was so generous, it could quite effortlessly cover my armchair and with some to spare.  Hmmm.  Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men and all that……!  Reluctant to pull out my new armchair throw, I began again, taking a different tack, I selected a Medium. The results from this work in progress will be publicized …………… maybe.  Who knows, maybe I`ll even wear it one day.

Pleasantly surprised that the weather relented this weekend, allowing us, for the first time since before Christmas, to shower using only the water from the solar panel, then to dress without turning on the central heating, and enjoy a portion of the evening with the front door open.  Temperatures reached a cozy 23 degrees today.

Spring is in the air, birds and and flowers are rallying and I`m eying up my garden, vaguely toying with the idea of beginning my annual garden overhaul and plant pot shuffle.  Needless to say, common sense prevailed, and I hastily made myself a cup of tea.  Praising my self restraint, I sat on the garden bench and put my feet up, pulled my knitting up close, enjoyed the warm sunny rays, whilst from the corner of my eye, checked to make sure Vags was dutifully labouring away at his extended green net covering for the vines. Yep, life is as it should be.

Part of this denial reflects my unwillingness to acknowledge that the Winter is probably done and Spring is on it`s way.  A hop, skip and a jump before SUMMER.  The season with which I have a love/hate relationship.  Love, because of the lifestyle it grants, ie long evenings spent outdoors with friends, family, obligatory BBQs, beaches, minimal clothing etc. etc.  Hate, because the likelihood that I`ll end up in some cruddy job, which does nothing for my self esteem is imminent. 

The other part of the denial is that as nights grow lighter, my “fuller figure” jumper may never get completed, and who knows, by next Winter, I may need an even “fuller, fuller figure” jumper. Arghhh!