Lemon Curd

Lemon Curd (3) (Small)

It`s not Greek, but it`s great!  Ingredients in abundance here make it a necessity.


6 large lemons

8 large eggs

1 kilo sugar

340 g butter


Wash the lemons and grate the outer, yellow peel onto a plate, then juice them.

Use a large enamel bowl which will sit snugly in the top of a large pan of boiling water.

Lemon Curd (2) (Small)

Put the butter, sugar, lemon juice and grated peel into the bowl.  Add your beaten eggs, stirring continuously as the butter melts.

Lemon Curd (1) (Small)

Heat gently until the mixture thickens, stirring constantly.  If you prefer a smoother curd, push through a sieve, before jarring up into hot sterilized jars.

Lemon Curd (Small)

Once opened, store in the fridge.  Shelf life is limited, so enjoy being generous!

These quantities will fill 5, 1/2 kilo jars.