Looming `eck – The Assembly

Well, she was true to her word.  K. Kaliopi closed her shop up at the end of October and upon my call to her, declared she would come down to assist me with setting up the threads on my loom.  A little apprehensively, I made my way up to Kritsa to pick her up.  

There she was, waiting for me at the exact place we had arranged, at the exact time!   No problems getting into the truck (no lift up required).  A very spritely 86 year old chattered intently to me on the route back down to Kanakary.

She gave a cursory check over my loom and then got down to work immediately.  She requested a carpet and two chairs.   I happily obliged. 

Rather naively, I imagined that the chairs were for us to sit on, well that`s what anybody would presume, but no, the combs were hung on the chairs and we sat on the floor!  We set about and passed the 200 threads through the combs.  A surprisingly involved procedure which engaged the use of some head scratching mental arithmatic to calculate where we should begin the threading and a “stealer”, which caught the threads and pulled them through the slotted combs.  

Afterwards, she set to work systematically assessing what was required on my loom. Bit by bit, we assembled the inumerous threads, canes, ropes, brakes, handles, weights.  We loaded the combs, weighted the threads, squeezed, tweaked, tightened and adjusted all relative parts and then she declared it was ready for use and requested I returned her to Kritsa!

Of course I obliged, a little shell shocked at the speed, intensity and ability of K. Kaliopi with her instruction. Despite this, it had taken us three and a half hours to set it up.  Throughout the duration of her visit she repeated several times, whilst wagging her finger at me………    

“Αν θέλεις να γεράσεις, αργαλειό να αγοράσεις”

Basically, if you want to get old, buy a loom!  

I`m not sure whether she meant that the loom would age me, or whether the loom would promote long life.  Whichever way, I was eternally grateful for the time and effort she invested in me and my loom.

Photographic material, unfortunately, is limited, as I was so intent on not missing any part of the instruction of the asembly.threading-the-loom-with-kaliopi-1-small threading-the-loom-with-kaliopi-2-small threading-the-loom-with-kaliopi-4-small threading-the-loom-with-kaliopi-6-small threading-the-loom-with-kaliopi-7-small threading-the-loom-with-kaliopi-8-small threading-the-loom-with-kaliopi-10-small

The following day, I popped down to take a look at the waiting loom and noticed an escapee thread!  Argh, now what?!  Did it escape whilst we were shuffling and shunting, or was it an oversight? Hmmmpf!  

Logic tells me that it wouldn`t interfere with the finished result as it there is no gap in the threads in the combs, (basically I would just be one thread short. ie 199 instead of 200), but on the other hand, my need for everything to be perfect, is nagging at me to pull out some of the threads to cater for the escapee.  

We will see………….