Pan Bread

Επιτέλους!  It rained!

Pan Bread (Small)

Willingly confined to barracks, it was a toss up whether I hit the settee under a cosy blanket, or got kitch`n busy.  Several jars of jam later, I thought some savoury pan bread was in order.  Nice and versatile.  Here I chose cheese and garlic….mmmmm!


250 g bread flour

4 g dried yeast

1/2 soup spoon vinegar

1 soup spoon olive oil

1/2 ish cup tepid water


Choice of filling.  Olive oil for frying.  I used a melty cheese and garlic.  Feta with onion, and/or tomato, or sun dried toms, chopped chives, mint, are just a few ideas for savoury.

If you prefer sweet, try jam or Merenda (so Greek!), or make the bread plain or with Cretan mizithra (a type of cream cheese) and drench with honey whilst hot.


Put the flour into a bowl leaving a well in the centre.  Add the vinegar, olive oil, salt and dried yeast, stir slightly.  Add the tepid water slowly, mixing with your hands till you have a nice elastic dough, you might not need all of the water.

Pan Bread (1) (Small)

Leave to rest for at least half an hour.

Flour your hands and a working surface and pick chunks of the dough about the size of a large walnut, roll into a ball with your hands.  On your floured surface press each ball down and flatten into a mini pancake.

Pan Bread (2) (Small)

Place a heaped teaspoonful of your chosen filling onto the centre of the dough and pull up the sides, making a parcel over the top of the filling.

Pan Bread (3) (Small)

Work the seams with your fingers so it`s fully joined.  Lightly flatten again with the palm of your hand.

Fry on moderate to hot heat, till nicely browned on both sides.  The bread will rise whilst cooking.

Pan Bread (Small)

Jam`s coming another day.