Rat in the Kitchen

Before moving to our countryside house, we lived in the centre of Agios Nikolaos, Crete, in a rather old, ground floor apartment.  It wasn`t in the best of condition, regularly prone to invasions of various pests, but it was well located, with amenities and the beach all close at hand.  We had our share of problems with the property, with one particular evening being particularly memorable.

We were woken by the noise of things falling over in the kitchen.  Getting up to investigate, we discovered a rat galloping up and down the shelves, dislodging odds and ends as it went along. Having being caught in the act of looting, it shot back out under the door, back into the utility room and bathroom area.

We decided it wasn`t possible to leave a rogue rat to wander the house and followed him into the utility room, closing off his exit routes.  We began pulling all the furniture from the walls, chasing the glimpse of this nimble pest`s tail behind yet another box or basket, we realized this could take some time.  Lifting all the furniture, boxes and baskets up onto one surface seemed to be the obvious solution to the problem.  So, it was 3 am and we began heaving the whole of the utility room up onto the old stone sink.  Leaving nowhere for the pesky rat to hide, it shot into the small bathroom.  Vagelis grabbed the broom and shot inside, pulling the small glass door closed, behind him, with copious cusses, knowing grunts and “gotcha now” and “where d`ya think you`re gonna hide”.

The fate of the poor rat was written.

However, the silhouette of Vags chasing his victim backwards and forwards behind the glass door with broom in hand, forged a rather too vivid image of Anthony Perkins in the old “Psycho” movie scene, stabbing his victim through the shower curtain in my mind, which left me chortling and chuckling, and as a result, unable to sleep for the remainder of the night.

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