Snack Time

Our location was up high, in the village of Vrisses.  This pretty village embraces the rugged mountainside, where access roads dip and turn in a dizzying, zig zag approach before arriving at the crown, revealing swathes of roofs – pan tiled, corrugated tin, flat concrete, all jumbled together in this charming setting.  A multi stepped, patchwork quilt of colours, clinging to the hillside, with spectacular bursts of Spring, whispering the history of the setting to me.

So, here we were in the tiny kafenion, enjoying a Greek coffee, when we heard a clip clop, clippity clop sound dancing across the tin roof below us.

Naughty Goat (Small)

Little did we expect to see a goat enjoying the crisp grape foliage below us.  Admiring her climbing skills and with such audacity, we smiled and giggled as we drank our coffee.

After a while an aged gentlemen with a young grandson in tow appeared, looked over the walled terrace with a furrowed brow, uttered his curt instructions to the grandson, whom shot off down the lane and around the maze of houses to oust the offender from the grapevine.

Just another day in Crete, wouldn`t have it any other way!

Naughty Goat (5) (Small)