Spinach Rice (Σπανακόρυζο)

A lovely way of serving up your greens!

Spinach Rice (3) (Small)


1 kilo spinach

1 large onion

2 spring onions

2 leeks

Large bunch of dill

2 cups of rice

Juice of a lemon

Olive oil

S & P ground

Preparing the spinach – Before being enlightened of how to do the job properly here in Crete, I used to chop off the root, along with a good chunk of the leaf stems, which left the leaves separated, but meant I was throwing away perfectly edible bits.   The correct way is to remove any discoloured or nibbled leaves from the plant, you can then shorten the main root to about 1 cm, scrape with your knife to clean off any whispey roots – or you can nip off the long root, leaving the stump base of the leaves, which you then scrape to remove any debris.  Then make a cross incision in the stump.  This makes it easier to remove any dirt.

Spinach Rice (1) (Small)

Once you`ve prepared your spinach, wash well, allow to strain. Chop roughly.

Spinach Rice (Small)

In a deep pan, cover the base with olive oil and throw in the onions and leeks, stir for a minute or so, then add your spinach and dill, stirring lightly.  Saute till it reduces slightly in bulk.  Add the rinsed rice, along with a couple of cups of water, S & P.  Leave to cook.  Keep your eye on liquid levels and add water if the rice needs it, stirring occasionally.  Once cooked, pull off the heat, put the pan lid on and allow it to absorb any moisture left. Sprinkle over the lemon juice to taste and serve with a good chunk of feta cheese atop.