Spring Thru` Summer

As usual, it`s been a busy few months.

After managing to complete my marathon painting session

I weeded my gardens

Brightened our nest

Created hanging baskets

Orchestrated my annual plant pot shuffle

Tried my hand at weaving ancient bayonets (!)

Swords (Small)

Sheared my dogs (no minor task)

Saved a tortoise found struggling on our road

Fed a hungry bee

Bee (Small)

Chutney-ed the first beets brought in from the garden

Beet Chutney.jpg (Small)

Gathered and brined this year`s vine leaves for dolmathes

Vine Leaves (Small)

Preserved this year`s artichokes

Brought into the world a couple o` dozen or so new pips in the `bator (chickens and turkeys)

`Bator Hatchlings (Small)

Chicks (2) (Small)

Chicks (1) (Small)

There`s always one!.jpg

Hand raised a half dozen fine young turkeys, whom now resemble mini ostriches and follow us around the courtyard, tweeting for treats

Entertained some dear, holidaying, loved ones

Of course, ate tooooo much!

Feet barely touching the ground, I ran straight into a job in a boutique in the lovely village of Kritsa, hence my noted absence recently!

My first week up in the village, I encountered lots of my old acquantances, and made some new acquantances too.

I also discovered that my language skills should indeed be widened,  I`m talking football pitch dimensions, widened.  The variety of nationalities visiting Kritsa is impressive.  I`ve learnt that 97 % of French wont buy, unless you can converse with them, in French, of course.  The remaining 3 % will converse in English and very happily too.  I`ve learnt how to make a pretty bow on a parceled pair of sandals.  I`ve learnt that you can mop the same floor 5 times a day and it will still be dusty.

Also, that you can clean silver with toothpaste ! (See footnote)

I`ve learnt that the Russian language I laboured over is virtually useless, as very few are with us this year.

I also learnt that a bee can successfully sting you as it bumps off your hand, whilst riding your scooter at 50 kmh.

Also, I learnt that sometimes whilst riding the scooter, you can enter an apparent stationary bubble, when the wind blowing from behind you, is travelling at the same speed as you on your scooter, giving you the very surreal effect of no wind resistence as you are travelling.

Finally due to adversely hot and windy weather of late, resigned myself to owning a shrivelled, water starved garden, which resembles the Saharan Desert, more each day.


To clean silver, rub a small amount of toothpaste onto the item with your finger, work it over gently, you`ll see your fingers blackening.  Clean off under running water, dry, and pop on your sunglasses !