Sticky Floors

After prizing my feet off the sticky kitchen floor, I`ve managed to make it to my desk to write my next post.

My fig tree has gone mad!  Every other day we pick at least 3 kilos of figs.  Tackling this enormous glut is proving to be a full time job. After all, just how many fresh figs can one eat?

My fig honey (aptly name by hubbie, “Poor Man`s Honey”), of course, is in full production now.   A hugely satisfying result, which makes super gifts for family and friends. Bottles of the honey now array my preserve shelf.  Looking at it now, I wonder how it stays in situe with so much weight from jams, preserves and the like. I`m seriously considering asking Vags to make a special cabinet to house my syrups.

The procedure for making the fig honey  is a little messy, (hence my sticky kitchen floor).  Involving hubbie in the process was a necessity, with him squeezing the fig filled pillow case, to drain the precious juice.  Sweaty brows and aching knees gave birth to another idea.  A few bits and bobs from around his yard, a couple of nuts and bolts, knocked together with a select choice of swear words, created this!


Fig Press (2) (Small)

A Fig Press !  Still needs a tweak or two, then it`s ready for its trial run.

One evening whilst chatting on the phone, I was distracted by a loud POP in the kitchen. A half filled bottle of honey had begun fermenting and popped it s cork!   Hmmmmmm, I wonder?!

A little experimenting the next day, produced a rather sweet, not too strong, fig liqueur (raki based).  Wonderful served in an iced, shot glass.

Fig Liqueur (1) (Small)

2 or 3 kilos have been allocated for drying, splitting them in half and laying out in the sun to dry.

Fig jam is of course another option to use up some of the fruit, but I wasn`t too keen on the results of the last batch I made.  I` m trying to locate a dark fig to try instead. (Like we need MORE figs!)