Sun Dried Tomatoes (Λιαστές)

Sun Dried Toms (5) (Small)

There are only so many salads one can eat in a day, and with an abundance of these beauties, it`s always wise to store some away for the Winter.

Versatile and offering plenty of nutritional benefits, sun drying your tomatoes is a great way to preserve the Summer`s excess.

Choose only firm, ripe tomatoes.  With plenty of flesh, but the smaller “cherry” type toms which we find here in Crete are also suitable.  Plum toms can also be used.



Rock Salt

Olive oil


Wash the toms well and wipe dry.  If they have thick cores, carefully remove with a pointed knife.  Slice them through the middle, horizontally.  Spread greaseproof paper or kitchen roll over a wooden tray, and lay the halved tomatoes with the cut surface facing upwards.  Sprinkle rock salt over each surface – less than half a teaspoon, depending on the size of the tomato.  Cover with fine netting to keep off the bugs and lay in the sunniest position. Leave for around 7 days.

Sun Dried Toms (2) (Small)

Check on them half way through the process to make sure they`re drying nicely.  If you live in an area which tends to draw moisture on an evening, bring the tray indoors and return to the sun the next day.

You`ll understand when they are ready, they will still be supple, but not lose moisture when gently squeezed.

Sun Dried Toms (8) (Small)

Pop them into sterilized jars, pushing down into the gaps, gently with a wooden spoon handle.  Cover with olive oil and cap.  You can add flavourings such as garlic or oregano if desired.

I`ll keep making batches this year as I love them, and as they`re ready, I`ll upload recipes for their use.

Nutritional Facts

Potassium, dietary fibre, protein, vitamins A, C and D, calcium and iron

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