That`s Just Bad Manners Demmi!


We consider ourselves to be pretty responsible dog owners, but every now and then, one or other of our boisterous trio, will do their best to prove our notion very wrong.

Demmi (the bear), loves to swim in the sea. Choosing the nice, sandy, town beach, and being very early Spring, there were no beach goers or tourists around, we unleashed him for his swim.

A particularly annoying “yapping” accompanied our afternoon jaunt, but Demmi, paid not the slightest jot of attention to the yapper, whom was safely tucked in the doorway of the nearby cafeteria a couple of hundred metres away.

Managing to persuade Demmi to get out of the sea, we called him to us to click on his lead, all the while the persistent yapper, letting us know he disapproved of our presence.

Before we even realised what was happening, Demmi had decided he`d better have a “word” with the disapproving yapper and shot off up the beach. We hurtled after him, amidst frantic yells and whistles, alas, we were no match for this furry machine.

In one sweeping bound, he launched all 70 kilos of himself up on to the promenade, the handful of ever so recently laid-back patrons enjoying their frappes in the warm sunshine, visibly shrank away from this furball tank approaching them.

Simultaneously, they shoved their chairs back from the tables to make way for this mad dog, it was like watching the red sea divide.

Without missing a step, Demmi launched himself over the wooden decking, nimbly negotiating the tables and chairs, the cafeteria, awash with sand, sea and saliva.  Locating his cowering target, he stopped abruptly, growled his message through bared teeth to the offending pooch, then turned around, with tail held high, and walked jauntily back in our direction.

Speechless with embarrassment, mortified with his bad behaviour, we hooked on his lead, muttering numerous apologies, with glowing red faces and burning ears, we made a very hasty exit, berating Demmi as we left.