The English Wedding

It`s been almost a month since I attended my nieces wedding in England.  It would seem appropriate that I convey some of the events from the day.

Due to a combination of a hairdresser, intent on creating a work of art on his clients and subsequently, a poorly informed taxi driver, the three guests representing Greece at the wedding, typically, were the last to arrive, nevertheless with beautifully coiffoired tresses, coloured, plaited and curled respectively, youthful adorned smiles and snack bags clutched in their hands, (should there be a shortage of available food), they were greeted hastily by the maid of honour, whom told them “gerra mov`on yer late!”  Snack bags with much anticipated cornish pasties were reluctantly shoved out of sight and they scurried into the specially sanctioned hall where the remaining guests whom represented England were seated patiently. Even the guests representing America, despite having crossed several time zones, still managed to outshine the tardy Greek guests.  I`m sure I saw the registrar drum her manicured nails impatiently on the table top.

The bride appeared on time, a vision of delight, her peaceful contented smile, glowed serenely as she was escorted to the alter. The groom however, quaking in his boots, could be seen to lose all colour from his face.  He quickly recovered and the ceremony was completed with a warm reverence which we all applauded earnestly.

The reception which followed was perfectly orchestrated to cater for all requirements, old acquaintances were renewed and new were made.  The groom could be heard declaring to his buddies that “they” would be handed over to the bride later that evening.  I could only assume that he was referring to his credit cards, or perhaps the keys to their house.  

The unique gifts to the guests were thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated, sadly, due to international border controls, some gifts couldn`t be brought back to our respective countries.

The evening buffet/dance event was not to be missed, with the notorious “3 cake display” which catered for all tastes.  Separating the men from the boys, a very impressive firework display which allowed the “men” to observe outside, whilst appreciating the effects of the bracing evening air, and the “boys” whom observed from indoors through the windows, thus ensuring the continuence of their future kin.   A nice heady inebriation was ensured from over indulgence on the port, which was partaken strictly to accompany the wonderful selection of cheeses from the buffet.

A few twirls around the dance floor were essential to tick all the boxes, if only to re-live such classics as Stealers Wheel – Stuck in the Middle with You,  Mungo Jerry – In the Summertime, Bowie – Heroes.  Induced by a good measure of nostalgia and fueled by a sip or two on the heady port, I  was bopping to these hits like I never did when they were around all those decades ago.

One particular representative of Greece struggled for several minutes to open her hotel room door, until a fairly bemused young man opened up from inside and shot her an enquiring look.  For just a split second, she thought her luck was in………..then comprehension regained footing!  Unfamiliar with sophisticated things such as electronic key cards which gave access to the hotel rooms and slightly confused about which floor she was actually on, she`d managed to disturb a young couple……….. perhaps the less said about this the better!

The day was delightful, albeit it over far too quickly.  

I wish both Jenny and Chris a lifetime of wealth, health and happiness!

Buckets of love to everybody!