The Pig Chase

In the early years of our residence here at Kanakary, my daughters, Yannah and Anna Maria had taken our dog Rudy for a walk.  In those days, we always walked the dogs off leash, as our road was usually pretty quiet.

They hadn`t been gone too long before we heard screaming and shouting coming from the girls.  In a panic we`d jumped onto the scooter and shot up to see what was going on.

In the distance we could see Yannah running down the road full pelt, screaming, with her little legs pumping as fast as they could, Anna Maria in hot pursuit, with Rudy, well ahead of them both, a hairsbreadth from the tail of a young pig, who in turn was charging up the road, squealing dramatically.  Not a usual sight to see in our neighbourhood.

A pick-up truck drove past slowly, with the driver observing this odd band of mid-day sprinters.  Pulling ahead of the entourage, he hopped nimbly down from the cabin, did a flying jump at the flagging pig as it sprinted past, man-handled it to the ground, single handedly whipped his belt from his jeans, trussed the pigs legs, leaving it laying puffing and panting on it`s side.  He declared it was his pig and that everything was ok.  Whereupon, he heaved it up into the back of his truck and sped off up the road.

As this mad chase came to an end and the sprinting crew came to an abrupt halt, they stood awkwardly looking on, with Rudy wondering how his prey had been plucked out from under his nose!

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