Tut!! That Furby!

Slip needs a trim (1) (Small)

Vagelis, deciding it was a good day to take the dogs to the beach for a swim, loaded Demmi (the grizzly) and Furby (the cheese pincher) into the back of the pick up truck.  Tying up only Demmi, he`d set off.  Arriving and stopping at the traffic lights, he`d failed to notice that Furby, was not getting on too well in the back of the truck.  Highly jittered, she`d jumped down and galloped away.  Vagelis, seeing her shoot past his cab window, absentmindedly thought, “ah, a dog just like our Furbs” only to realise it actually was her!  He was however, stuck at the lights, not able to get out and chase her, or follow her in the truck, all he could do was call and whistle from his window, but to no avail.  Dismayed, he could only watch her charge up the road.  He was forced to wait for the lights to turn green and then, all he could see was her dust trail!

He spent the next two hours trolling around the housing estate and local areas in a desperate attempt to find the escapee!  Unsuccessful, he returned home to confess his carelessness.

Despite continuing to search for several days, we couldn`t find her.  We`d resigned ourselves to having lost our little scoundrel.

Two weeks later we were at the local church for Manolis`s (BIL) memorial.  Sitting outside to take a breather, who should come sculking up to greet us there, but Furby! Apparently, no worse for wear, intact, but dishevelled, we took her back home and made sure she wasn`t left untied in the back of the truck again.